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@article{Sadeghioon2014SmartPipesSW, title={SmartPipes: Smart Wireless Sensor Networks for Leak Detection in Water Pipelines}, author={Ali M. Sadeghioon and Nicole Metje and David N. Chapman and Carl J. Anthony}, journal={J. Sens. Actuator Networks}, year={2014}, volume={3}, pages={64-78}, url={https://api.semanticscholar.org/CorpusID:16570191}}
  • A. Sadeghioon, N. Metje, C. Anthony
  • Published in J. Sens. Actuator Networks 20 February 2014
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
  • J. Sens. Actuator Networks

The design, development and testing of a smart wireless sensor network for leak detection in water pipelines, based on the measurement of relative indirect pressure changes in plastic pipes, are presented.

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157 Citations

EARNPIPE: A Testbed for Smart Water Pipeline Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Network
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Drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce as the world’s population grows and climate change continues. However, there is great potential to improve drinking water pipelines, as 30% of fresh

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A wireless sensor node based on Zynq System on Chip is developed and simulated, and the experimental results show that the usage of high-performance platforms is suitable only if the power management techniques are employed or for video applications.

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Water is a basic necessity and one of the most valuable resources for human living. Sadly, large quantities of treated water get lost daily worldwide, especially in developing countries, through

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This study presents a comprehensive survey on software and hardware solutions proposed in the literature for water pipeline infrastructure monitoring, and proposes an integrated energy-aware system-on-chip solution using high-performance hardware to achieve optimal and reliable results.

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Review on the Use of Wireless Sensor Network Systems for Oil Pipeline Surveillance
    M. Ahaneku

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Although these solutions have achieved milestones in addressing the problem, they have been found to have limitations such as inefficiency, frequency or bandwidth issues, monitoring not being realtime, and inability to locate exact point of leakage.

  • PDF
Distributed Kalman Filter Investigation and Application to Leak Detection in Water Pipeline Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks with Non-intrusive Sensors
    Valery NkemeniF. MieyevilleJ. Verdier

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This work builds a low-cost sensor node, which is feasible for deployment in developing countries from cheap off-the-shelf commercial elements, and shows that the distributed Kalman filter improves the reliability of leak detection.

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  • PDF
Energy Consumption Reduction in Wireless Sensor Network-Based Water Pipeline Monitoring Systems via Energy Conservation Techniques
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In wireless sensor network-based water pipeline monitoring (WWPM) systems, a vital requirement emerges: the achievement of low energy consumption. This primary goal arises from the fundamental

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A framework of monitoring water pipeline techniques based on sensors technologies
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This study investigates various leakage detection formulations based on WSN in order to identify, locate and estimate the leak size and presents computerized techniques based on the analysis of pressure measurement in water distribution system to find the defective pipe.

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How wireless sensor networks (WSNs) can increase the spatial and temporal resolution of operational data from pipeline infrastructures and thus address the challenge of near real-time monitoring and eventually control is discussed.

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The different options available to power the sensors (non-regenerative and generative) are focused on and ideas for the communication between these sensors and power management systems are introduced.

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In recent years, wireless sensor network systems have increasingly been used to monitor infrastructure health. Advances in electronics and sensing systems have enabled the development of various

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This paper shows that the wireless underground sensor networks (WUSN), which communicates in the soil is different from the terrestrial WSN, and the WUSN architecture for agriculture information system is introduced.

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This work provides an extensive overview of applications and design challenges for WUSNs, challenges for the underground communication channel including methods for predicting path losses in an underground link, and challenges at each layer of the communication protocol stack.

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An increasing number of pipelines are constructed in remote regions affected by harsh environmental conditions where pipeline routes often cross mountain areas which are characterized by unstable

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A system could automate in real time much of the pipeline data acquisition, interpretation, and evaluation process, and capture the experience and judgment of expert utility engineers in performing condition assessment and identification of appropriate rehabilitation and maintenance strategies.

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This paper provides a tutorial introduction, a comprehensive background on this subject and also a forecast of the future of OFS for SHM, including those from the renewable energy, transportation, civil engineering and the oil and gas industry sectors.

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Permanent Leak Detection on Pipes Using a Fibre Optic Based Continuous Sensor Technology
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The design of intelligent infrastructure that can be permanently installed to detect leaks in buried pipelines is critical. This paper will describe the background theory and practical application of

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